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Hey! I’m Rachel.

I’m a former Big Ten volleyball player turned entrepreneur and professional cheese taster (kidding–but that would be a sweet job).

I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who are sick of struggling on Facebook & Instagram and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot.

I’ve used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic by 34,000/month…for free! 

Obsessed with: adventure, champagne, chocolate, and yoga pants.

rachel ngom

Need more leads?

Learn how I generated over 20,000 leads for FREE with Pinterest!

Meet Megan!

"I can't even begin to say how much my Pinterest has changed from taking Rachel's course.

My followers have increased by thousands and every day I'm making a new sale from my blog!

That's attraction marketing WORKING and I've never been more excited about the future. Pinterest is where it's AT for attraction marketing and not only has my reach increased, but I'm truly getting more targeted followers and writing better blog posts because of her bonus content.

It's so much more than a pure Pinterest course--it’s all around SMART social media tactics.

If you are ready to use Pinterest and blogging seriously to build your biz -


Meet Amy!

"I just had my first 5 figure WEEK!!!

I am so very excited!

Before IBA, I was frustrated, alone, overwhelmed- knew I had things to learn but no idea where to start or how to figure it out.

I knew I couldn’t give up but had no idea how.

In just 60 days I have:

Revamped my website.
Created an opt-in
Created a social media calendar and process that takes a fraction of the time it used to.
By using CTA on my SM posts I am getting more engagement than ever and more visits to my website.
Created a welcome email series.
Started blogging regularly again
Created a plan for 4 months of blog posts.
Developed a book launch
And started chunking out my material for online classes.

I feel supported and encouraged by going through this with others, I am thrilled with how much I am accomplishing each week. Sometimes you just need someone to walk through it with you and give some guidance;)

Thanks, Rachel :)"

Meet Taylor!

"I went income from 5 figure years to 5 figure months.

  • Total Sales: $10,223 within 2 months of launching my business on my first launch. 
  • Email list from zero to 1.3k
  • Facebook group from non-existent to 1.1k 
  • 30 courses sold. 
  • I have gotten 3 podcast interviews. 
I found myself enrolled for the Impact Blogging Academy and everything changed for me. 
IBA showed me to follow my gut on what I want my message to be to the world and obviously, there was a need for it. 
In September I launched my first program and hit my first 5 figure month in my business. I started with NOTHING.
Before IBA I had 0 email subscribers, no course, nothing to sell. In less than two months, I took my business from 0 to a Facebook community of over 1.1k people, list from 0 to over 1.4k people and income from 5 figure years to 5 figure months."

Meet Katie

"Results from the Impact Blogging Academy: 2 months in:

  • Email list went from 0 to 155
  • Facebook community went from non-existent to 60+
  • 4 podcasts to be featured on booked
  • 2 live events booked
  • 20 unique paying customers for online offers
  • over $800 in sales for first mini launch
  • Instagram following has doubled
  • Intangibles: confidence is boosted, business feels more aligned, connections and community have been very key"

Meet Kenal!

"Rachel is phenomenal, in fact, she always says "it's only going to get better. It's the beginning" I believe her.

Since joining Pin with Purposemy followers have increased by over 300 on Pinterest, I've sold 3 large art prints, 8 shirts, and doubled my reach on Pinterest to 4 Million.

But what's even crazier is my website Is averaging 1,600 visitors a month from Google analytics and 900 comes from Pinterest. Around 20 people use to google my name "Kenal Louis", which is my brand... it went up to 200 monthly searches.

It's ridiculous to think that many people are searching for me. Trust me, it's not because of Instagram or because Google is helping me brand or any other source. It's all Pinterest!"

Meet Kelly!

"Currently 71% of my audience is coming from Pinterest. I now have over 1k visitors on my site every month, and before your program, I was lucky if it was 30. I am getting support inquiries, bookings, and even email subscribers from my blog posts!"

Meet Sharon!

"I have been using social media for my business for the last 2 years. I’ve watched and paid for TONS of other social media guru’s on growing my business online. Rachel’s course, Creating Killer Content is the first one that has broken it down into easy, practical steps that I can accomplish on a daily basis. On top of that, she took the time to reach out to me to see how she could help me personally in my business, wow!! That was so awesome and such a huge blessing to get her one-on-one. Thank you, Rachel”

Meet Betsy!

“I found Rachel through Facebook and I’m so grateful to stumble upon her training. I totally wasn’t sure if it was for me, but thought, she’s telling me everything I’m looking for, so let’s give it a try. Holy cow, am I glad I did!

Rachel has taught me so much about Pinterest, how to utilize it for my business, and implement what she’s teaching. I have learned so much! Finding Rachel was a blessing! I took her free training, upgraded, and am now in Pin with Purpose.

She not only teaches you, but adds so much value, she’s right there with you along the way, and is your cheerleader too! I highly recommend Pin with Purpose! I’ve totally seen a change in my business, and it’s totally for the better!

There are a million trainers out there, pick one, pick Rachel Ngom!”  

Meet Dawn!

"Rachel’s course, Pin with Purpose is ideal for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. She offers a tremendous amount of tips, tools, and shortcuts which can be applied immediately to your business. I appreciated her professionalism, responsiveness, and openness to any and all questions throughout our time together. As a bonus she offers lifetime access to all the coursework and video recordings....which I have already found to be beneficial. Go and grow with Rachel!!!"

Meet Tammy!

"Rachel's Pin with Purpose course has helped me clarify my Pinterest strategy and skyrocket my results. My Pinterest traffic increased dramatically after implementing her strategies. This has resulted in more traffic on my blog. Rachel helped me narrow down my target market and send a consistent message to my readers. Thank you, Rachel!"

Meet Katie!

"Rachel is a wealth of knowledge in how to create social channels that attract your ideal client to you. Her genuine love and passion for what she does and her clients is so inspiring! If you're ready to blow up your social media channels and business, work with Rachel!"

Meet Bhavna!

The content in Pin with Purpose is easy to understand - I like how Rachel has divided into modules and they are very specific and I am able to do this on my own time. The group coaching calls are excellent because we get to ask the questions we want and Rachel will even show us her how to's on her site (this is phenomenal because I would have to spend hours trying to figure out simple things on my blog, Pinterest etc). She assigns homework - so we are accountable each week. A lot of people in the group help out when you ask a question - and we learn from each other. Rachel is super encouraging - she answers every question that we ask. Rachel's giving us more knowledge than she promised too when we signed up for the course - in terms of WordPress, blogging etc. and Finally.. she is amazing as a person - making it easy for me to stay engaged in the course.

Meet Natalie!

"You seriously ignited something in me. I'm NOT creative but if I have some nudging and a little guidance with ideas I can run with it and make it my own. The way you were able to break it down into bite-sized pieces and explain the flow to generate more business for me was EXACTLY what I needed! This is totally your gift and I'm so thankful for your help."

Meet Julia!

“Within 5 minutes of chatting with Rachel, I had 3 killer and easy to implement ideas I can move forward on. She helped me think through my client experience from free opt-in (with value!) to a full-blown offer and how streamlining them and using the same topic would help my customer see me as an expert”

Meet Aly!

"Every time I work with Rachel I come away with a clean cut, clear action plan to move forward with. She is creative, forward thinking, and is able to see the big picture but also the small steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal. Rachel asks the right questions to get into the head of your end user so that your marketing strategy speaks straight to your potential client. She is also positive, encouraging and helps you to come up with the critical answers yourself so that you truly understand the process and path to success."

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