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Today I’m interviewing Christina Jandali and she is a confidence boosting, cash creating business growth strategist for coaches, consultants, and course creators  who want to capitalize and profit from their unique genius, stand out, get seen, and create big profits by using Facebook groups.

After becoming a millionaire in her 20’s, loosing it, and rebuilding it over again, and climbing the corporate ladder managing over 500 million in client assets, she realized she was ready to build her own dream business, not someone else’s.

She’s a gemini, and mama of 2 who loves running, cycling, adventures, and drinking coffee. Take some notes- you’re going to love this!


  • Just because you’re good at your job, and its comfortable, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Follow your dreams and live the life you want, even if it isn’t comfortable.
  • Things take time. No good business is built over night.
  • Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness. It gives you the opportunity to learn so much more.
  • Facebook communities were a way to engage with these people who have so much in common with you.
  • Using a challenge is the perfect way to get people coming into your group. 
  • Don’t just add people to your Facebook group! Numbers don’t matter as much as quality people. You want people in your group that are engaged and show interest in what you have to offer.
  • Questions people answer when they join your Facebook group can be used to tell you exactly what people in your group need, frustrations, content, and what your audience needs from your page!
  • Make your group about the people in it. Ask engaging questions, recognize your active members, and recognize its a group community.
  • Thoughts of not being good enough should not be taken as truth. If you keep telling yourself these negative beliefs you believe it. If you change your beliefs to be supportive of yourself, you will grow to believe you ARE enough.


  • (1:43) A little more about Christina.
  • (2:36) How she came into the online space.
  • (5:50) When making the transition into her own business, who did Christina turn to for help pulling it all together.
  • (7:53) Her experience with Tony Robbins.
  • (11:10) Why should we be focusing on Facebook groups?
  • (12:45) “Meaningful groups” and why with new algorithm, these groups will come up before business pages or promotional pages.
  • (13:45) 3 things you can do to get people to join your Facebook group.
  • (17:30) How to monetize a Facebook group.
  • (20:05) Should there be an email opt in for Facebook groups? Pros and cons.
  • (22:23) How should people make the most of using qualifying questions as a form of an entry before allowing someone to join their group?
  • (24:54) How can you get engagement from people so you’re not just talking to yourself in the group?
  • (28:40) Top mindset issues or struggles Christina has had, and how she got through them.
  • (31:55) How has she gotten over some of her limiting beliefs?
  • (37:50) What does it mean for Christina to make an impact?
  • (39:08) What’s next for Christina?


“You’re here because you want to be making a difference in peoples lives.”

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

“Each new level, theres a new devil”

“It’s not about numbers. In reality its the quality of people you have.”

“Trying to be perfect makes you non relatable.”

“A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.”

“Its not your mind its THE mind”

“As much as you feel like you can’t keep going, theres no way that you’re not going to finish”


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