Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How to Fix Them (with Elizabeth Hartke): Episode 229

Elizabeth Hartke is a Business Scaling Strategist that mentors impact-driven entrepreneurs in scaling their influence, income and time freedom without having to trade time for money or their values for their vision. She's fiercely passionate about helping go-getters build the business that aligns with their purpose and their dreams. After building two 7-figure businesses and having the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs, she now runs her businesses and hosts her podcast, Scaling Up, from the rolling hills of her hobby farm with her three little kids and husband as she practices what she preaches - working hard to have the freedom to truly live! Through her online courses, podcast, full immersion workshops, mastermind, mentorships and speaking engagements, Elizabeth lives to show her students, clients and the people she encounters what's truly possible.

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  • Elizabeth says build intentionally. As a business owner, you have to stop trading time for money. The reality is that you have to rebuild your business model so your time doesn’t have a value on it.
  • Build a multitude of income streams! Make some of them passive income streams.
  • Elizabeth suggest getting really granular about all the things you want in your life. What is your ideal day? You have to know how you want your life to look so you can build your business around that. She says that’s the #1 key to how to build your business intentionally.
  • It’s not going to happen over night. The key is to have an “evolutionary strategy” when it comes to freeing up your time. Start creating a methodology around it and begin implementing it.
  • Elizabeth recommends starting out with about 2 different income streams depending where you are in your business.
  • When you’re scaling your business, in the early stages, you really need proof of concept. Maybe that’s getting testimonials, serving people, relationship building, etc.
  • Don’t worry about your instagram count. Focus your energy on connection with the followers you do have! Deliver on your brand promise and nurture the people who already follow you. Add value and the testimonials will write themselves!
  • Elizabeth says that one mistake she sees people making so often is creating a course in a vacuum–aka making it all by yourself. Instead, create based on your peoples pain points. Have them a part of the process of making the course that will help them!
  • If your social media got shut down today, how much would you panic? Elizabeth really stresses that this is such a key mistake she sees people making. It’s ego driven, but it isn’t what is going to make you money.
  • Elizabeth talks about her lack of confidence in what she has to offer is one of the biggest mistakes she’s ever made. You have to be able to let go of the fear of selling and what you’re offering. You have a gift and you DO have something to offer. Remember that!
  • Imposter syndrome doesn’t go away. Even when you’re a 6 figure business owner, you are going to have doubts. Elizabeth says that when she is lacking confidence, she collects evidence. She takes the quotes from people saying how she’s helped them and nice comments and reviews, and puts them in a Google doc for when she’s feeling down in her biz. It’s easy to go from highs to lows, so collect those quotes from people when you’re feeling inspired so you can go back to them.


  • (0:44) A little more about Elizabeth and how she got started as an entrepreneur.
  • (3:13) Elizabeth’s vision for her life and business.
  • (4:14) How to get time freedom vs. time flexibility.
  • (6:22) Mapping out how you want your life to look.
  • (7:38) Passive income streams Elizabeth suggests to start with.
  • (11:14) How many income streams should you start with?
  • (13:56) Where should you put your energy when it comes to scaling your business?
  • (14:42) STOP focusing on followers–add value instead!
  • (15:53) How to identify the gaps in your business.
  • (17:05) Knowing your blindspot and outsourcing to fix those blindspots.
  • (19:35) The biggest mistakes Elizabeth sees entrepreneurs making.
  • (21:57) Don’t rely so heavily on social media to grow your business!
  • (27:31) One of the biggest mistakes Elizabeth’s made in her journey as an entrepreneur.
  • (29:40) Things Elizabeth does to boost her confidence.
  • (32:35) The best book Elizabeth has ever read.
  • (35:01) What does it mean to Elizabeth to make an impact?


“Sometimes the feedback you’re getting is this particular path is not for me.”

“There’s no limit to what you can do in the online business space, but you just have to be willing and have the courage to try different things and start small.”

“We all have blindspots in our lives.”

“You’re running a vulnerable business if the hub is social media.”



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Instagram: @elizhartke

Podcast: Scaling Up

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Workbook by John Maxwell

Leadership Bible by John Maxwell

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