Episode 19 Show Notes

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Today I’m getting vulnerable. I’m sharing with you how exactly I earned 49,000 in 5 days with my online course. If it helps you, I’m more than happy to do it. I’m going to be getting down to the nitty gritty.


  • Get scrappy! Even if you don’t have an add budget, you know people
  • Even if only one person buys your course, treat it no different. Give 100% for them.
  • When I did a launch, I was also making money from other sources. Try not to go into debt in your launch.
  • My first two launches were a learning experience
  • My thought process- Typical cost per lead is between 3-6$. So I knew if I spent 10,000 on adds I could get about 2,000 registered for the challenge. I knew I converted at 5.5% last time.
  • I hired a Facebook add strategist. It sounds dumb but it helped like you wouldn’t believe.
  • I got 1800 people in the challenge. By day 2, people were telling me they didn’t know what i’d be selling day 5 but I
  • Be flexible. Some people told me they couldnt afford it, so I altered the price for a few people so they could do it. I believe in my course. I know it would help people, so I wanted to make it accessible.
  • Think BIGGER! Theres so much potential in the online space. I never thought I could hit this mark, but I did it.
  • Make sure you’re investing in yourself. It’s SO worth it.


  • (2:00) What happened the first time I launched this online course?
  • (4:20) My second launch- what changed, and how did I up my game?
  • (6:25) What are typical conversion rates for a launch?
  • (6:55) My third launch? I did the math and knew what it could be.
  • (7:10) My thought process, and math breakdown for what I though this challenge could be.
  • (9:00) How I interacted with my clients, and reached out via Facebook. It DOES make a difference.
  • (10:20) How did my latest online course do? What did my conversion end up being?
  • (10:32) Lessons learned from launching my challenge.


“One person can bring you more people”

“Don’t be afraid to give away content for free. It’s how you can build trust and a relationship with your clients.”

“Theres no good time to launch, just do it.”

“I still work hard, but I’m able to work smarter and still have a life.”

“Every stage I was at in my business, I invested in it, and I grew.”

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