I believe in business with a purpose.

When you invest in your future through one of our programs, you’re also making an impact in the world.

With every product you purchase, you’re helping us sponsor more children in Senegal (where I spent 6 months volunteering and bonus–met my husband!) with World Vision.

My Story:

When I was 19, I wanted to join the Peace Corps. I saw the injustice going on in the world and wanted to help. I switched my degree to Sociology and Political Science, with a focus on international studies (aka African studies), wound up with an incredible 6-month internship in Kenya, and fell in LOVE with Africa.

It wasn’t the Peace Corps, but it how I was able to serve and help others. After college, I went back to Africa (this time Senegal) for 6 months to do some more volunteer work, where I ended up meeting my husband.

In between traveling to Africa and going do school, I worked with the resettlement of African refugees in my college town and Chicago.

This was allll pre-entrepreneur Rachel. I was pursuing a career in international Social Work and got my Masters from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work.

After I got my Masters, we moved to north central Florida where the actual Social Work job opportunities were slim to none. There were no refugee relief organizations or international adoption agencies, and with a new baby on the way, I needed to make money.

That’s when I decided to work for myself. Out of pure necessity to get our bank account out of the negative.

I still had the itch to help and couldn’t forget about what I saw in Africa…

It was important that I infused missions into my business. Nope, I’m not working for a non-profit like I had originally intended, but I’ve created a for-purpose organization that’s equipping entrepreneurs to make more money so that they can make a greater impact.

Through entrepreneurship, I’ve been given this incredible platform that I can use to raise awareness and serve more people.

Together, here’s how we’re improving lives:

Compassion International

I’ve supported Compassion International since 2007 and even had the opportunity to meet one of my sponsored children while living in Kenya. It’s an incredible organization!

World Vision

I’ve sponsored several children with World Vision over the years and they’re an incredible organization to be involved with. Together, let’s work together to help those children who’ve been affected by human trafficking <3