How to Find Your Confidence, and Pursue the Things You Were Meant to Do (interview with Rachel Luna): Episode 022

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Episode 22 Show Notes

Today’s episode I am talking with Rachel Luna. She’s a mother of two and wife to her soul mate, grew up in New York, at age 16 she joined the marine core, at age 18 she enlisted in the reserves, and 4 years later was deployed to Iraq. 4 years later her journey took her to LA, from auditions to boardrooms. She began changing her outlook on life, invested in herself, hired a coach, and within 1 year was completely out of debt, ran her first half marathon, and kicked her eating disorder for good. Her calling is to help others find their confidence to do the things they were meant to do. Here we go!


  • There are stories from our childhood that we carry with us, and we perceive the situation one way, but there is so much more behind it. Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture. As you start digging into the full story of these stories, you can see the reasons for why things play out in our lives.
  • Rachel tried to cover up her emotions, and it led her down some bad paths. She knew she was put on this planet to do something big. She ended up taking 22 summer courses to graduate.
  • When Rachel went back and fourth with her boss, she knew that her job in corporate America was doing nothing for her. She felt like she was loosing her soul. If you want change in your life, YOU have to create it.
  • Sometimes when we aren’t happy with our lives, it takes us realizing that to move past it. It isn’t easy to do, but once we realize that we want change, its up to us to create it. We can get out of any bad situation. Sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves.
  • Don’t ever limit your success. The moment you put a ceiling on what you can accomplish is the moment you will limit yourself from reaching your full potential. The mental part of business is HUGE. If you don’t have the right mindset in your life, no strategy will work.
  • It’s great to try things out. If in the middle of a project you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s okay to change! Don’t ever be afraid to change your course along the way.
  • Don’t ever fear what people are going to say. If something in your business or life fails, it means nothing. Failing is a stepping stone to success.
  • Remember that you are priceless. When someone buys your product or program, never sell yourself short. Focus on the value of the TRANSFORMATION.
  • Do what feels right. The moment you do what is good for yourself, and give up what is holding you back, that is the moment you will start to see even more progress.
  • If you don’t feel good about your relationships, your job and your identity, money won’t change your happiness. That will only amplify your problems. If you’re not happy in what you’re doing, it’s not the right path for you. Money grows when your being your true self, and attracting your tribe.


  • (2:28) Who is Rachel Luna?
  • (3:22) What is her story, and where did her insecurities come from?
  • (8:20) She talks about her “victim story”. What happened when she made insecurity her alter ego?
  • (12:10) How did she feel having to write her will at age 22?
  • (14:05) Rachel stood up to her boss, and that’s when she knew she needed a change in her life.
  • (17:20) How Rachel’s bad relationship, being in debt and being overweight started her down a path that changed her life.
  • (19:57) What does Rachel Luna do, and why is it her passion?
  • (25:20) Why Rachel’s journal experience program was a learning experience, and something that was really great for her and her business.
  • (27:52) What are some questions to ask yourself if you’re struggling with sales?
  • (29:10) What is your worth, and how should you implement that into your business?
  • (37:20) Rachel Luna talks about being on a hiatus as an entrepreneur, and how she still is making money, and setting herself up for success in the process.
  • (40:05) It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.
  • (43:58) Rachel Luna talks about the book she’s writing. What is it about, how it can help you?
  • (47:00) Why should you niche down and really pinpoint what your strong suit is?
  • (55:25) What’s next for Rachel Luna? And what’s NOW!
  • (58:18) Where can you connect with Rachel?


“In the marine core you don’t have to be tactful…but in corporate America, people are very sensitive, and don’t like to be told that they’re wrong.”

“If I help you help someone else, then we just changed the world.”

“Some people are afraid to succeed too much.”

“When we’re in resistance, it’s not because we don’t want to do the work, it’s because we are afraid of whats on the other side.”

“If I try something and it doesn’t work, the only thing it means is that I tried something and it didn’t work.”

“Am I charging for my worth, or am I charging for the value of the transformation?”

“If you have the right intention to serve and deliver value, there’s gonna be someone who gets it.”

“Set yourself up for the ability to take crazy spontaneous action.”

“Don’t worry about changing your mind.”


Feel Good Sales Society (Rachel Luna’s Course)

The Faith Activated Journaling Experience (Program)

Read the first chapter of her book NOW!

Podcast: Real Talk with Rachel Luna

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“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” Tony Robbins

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In this interview, we are talking with entrepreneur, Self Confidence & Mindset Coach Rachel Luna. Rachel specializes in sales confidence and mindset for entrepreneurs. You\'ll learn some incredible strategies that you can implement in your business. Repin and be sure to grab our free cheat sheet to get more leads with Pinterest!

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Tony Robbins