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About Rachel: Short Media Bio

Rachel Ngom is the host of the She’s Making an Impact Podcast. She is a business and lead-generation expert, helping purpose-driven female entrepreneurs drive more traffic, leads, and sales through Pinterest, blogging, and strategic use of automation.

Rachel went from being on food stamps with negative $400 in her checking account to a multiple-6-figure online business. She now helps others do the same with her signature courses and programs.

Rachel has lived in Kenya, met her husband in Senegal, got married in Morocco, and spent 2 years in France. Learn more about Rachel at:

Preferred Topics

Pinterest Strategy: How Rachel increased her traffic by 34,000 per month for free.

SEO Strategies and Content Creation & Repurposing:  How Rachel creates killer content that is found on Pinterest and shared thousands of times (one blog post has been repineed 145,000 times!).

Developing a Brand of Loyal Followers:  How Rachel has connected with over 100,000 awesome women on all her social media accounts.

Email List Building:  How she built her email list to over 20,000 for free.

Niching Down in Your Online Business: Why it’s critical and how to do it successfully

How to Launch an Online Course: How Rachel sold over 3,500 online courses in just 2 years.
Mindset Shifts: How to manage your mindset and make necessary shifts to create a thriving online business. 

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