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Episode 086:

I’m interviewing Molly Stillman, talking about how to build a purpose-driven business! She is the founder and creator of Still Being Molly, a life and style blog started in 2007, and the host of the Business with Purpose podcast. 

With over 600,000 readers in the last year, stillbeingmolly.com has become a trusted community for women, especially moms, who love everything from ethical style and clean beauty, to parenting and real food, to serving in their communities and making the world a better place.


-Molly talks about her time in Kenya, and says that she has worked a lot with a company called Four Ten Bridge, creating a strategic plan for communities (education, employment, decipleship) for success, so they can be a self sustaining community!

-She shares that every time she visits a developing community, she realizes how much she learns from them: what community really is, how little material things really matter, what serving others looks like,the importance of slowing down, etc. I think in this crazy world it’s easy to stress about everything that doesn’t go your way. Going to Africa totally transformed me too, like Molly, reminding you of the outlook on life that those amazing people have.

-Ethical fashion brands: Molly shares that every dollar spent is a choice. SO TRUE! Buying from small businesses is a decision that sometimes can cost a few more bucks, but those purchases go a long way.

-One thing Molly talks about is how she frequently reminds herself of how far she has come. When little day-to-day things are going wrong it’s easy to simply feel stuck. But look back at yourself a few months or years back, and see how far you’ve come. It’s important to look at every small success and every milestone as a victory and give yourself credit!

-Let’s talk ethical shopping. Molly shares that at first it can be overwhelming. But start SOMEWHERE! Just start with shoes, or jewelry. Your money can go to amazing things – things that have a “bigger story”.

-Molly shares that she believes her gifts are from God. And through everything she does, she asks herself who she might be helping through those posts. This is how she can use her gifts for the greater good. She shares the value in being real and not just showing that highlight reel.

-Stewarding your money! Molly says that you sometimes have to just trust in God. If you’re faithful with your finances, relationships, etc. blessings can happen.

-Molly talks about how making an impact, to her, means that through sharing her stories through blog posts about her honest, authentic life (good or bad), made a physical difference in the lives of individuals. If that’s all she can do, that’s enough of a reason to keep pushing. Never underestimate yourself.


-(2:21) A little more about Molly- personal and professional.

-(3:00) About Molly’s family (and her struggles with the picky eaters of the family)

-(7:40) Molly shares a bit about her time in Kenya, and how her work there was a life changing experience.

-(14:40) A few more non for profit organizations Molly is a part of.

-(15:55) What Molly has learned from her time in developing communities.

-(17:13) More about Molly’s blog: Still Being Molly.

-(20:22) Assumptions Molly has heard people share what being a full time blogger is vs. the reality of it.

-(21:55) How to spend your money on products that can really help make a difference.

-(24:43) The importance of realizing where you’re at, and how far you’ve come.

-(26:31) Ethical brands- how to start and what to look for!

-(29:55) The best ways to shop ethically, on a BUDGET!

-(32:06) How does Molly incorporate her faith into business?

-(34:02) How hardships in Molly’s life helped her choose faith, and choose God even more.

-(36:45) Your talents = God’s gifts to you.

-(39:47) How Tithing has effected Molly’s business.

-(48:11) The best book Molly has ever read.

-(50:02) What does it mean for Molly to make an impact?

-(53:01) What’s next for her?

-(54:27) Where can we connect with her?


“They don’t want charity, they just want opportunity”

“I realize how much more they have to offer me than I have to offer them”

“It wears you down, and it builds you up”

“You vote every single day by the way you spend your money”

“Good people with lots of money can do lots of good things”

“It doesn’t happen over night”

“I am right now where I couldn’t have dreamt of the goals I am currently achieving now”

“People who are successful, are successful because they never quit”

“You start somewhere- you don’t become a cross fitter over night”

“God’s Grace gives us these gifts, and we are to steward these gifts to help others”

“I don’t shy away from talking about my faith”

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I\'m interviewing Molly Stillman, talking about how to build a purpose-driven business! She is the founder and creator of Still Being Molly, a life and style blog started in 2007, and the host of the Business with Purpose podcast.