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Get paid to work smarter (not harder), and get your message out to more people with Pin with Purpose! 

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Work Smarter

I’ll share my strategies for saving time so you can stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out the Facebook alogarithm.

Reach More People

You’ll learn how to create the right kind of content to attract your ideal client! You’ll be able to reach more people (without spending money on ads!)

Make Money While You Sleep

You’ll get my sales funnel blueprint so you can literally make money while you sleep #nobrainer

How Pinterest Changed My Business

Pinterest was the platform that changed my business. More than my 50,000 followers on Facebook and my 21,000 on Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are changing. You have to pay to play. More followers do NOT = more income.

Flashback to 2013….

  • No online experience. I only had 400 Facebook friends!
  • On food stamps with NEGATIVE $400 in my checking account
  • New baby and 80 pounds overweight
  • Stressed out, frustrated, lost!

I didn’t want to leave my new baby in daycare and working in a cubicle sounded like a prison. The only job I could find was cleaning equipment at our local gym for minimum wage. I knew there was more.  I knew there was something out there bigger than what I was doing.

I knew I was born to create an impact!!

… I focused on delivering valuable content and generating blog traffic via Pinterest (for free).

I used Pinterest and my email list to pre-sell an online course and make $1,000 by sending out two emails! As my blog gained more traction through Pinterest, I had more people asking me for help with their fitness. I created a $9 eBook that made me $1,000 and crashed my website the day it launched. It was ALL because of Pinterest!!

You Can Do This Too!

Imagine if…

You had new leads coming to you every day begging to work with you

You had a super streamlined strategy to follow

You no longer felt like you were creating content that no one saw….

You could stop struggling with social media algorithms and build your business on YOUR terms

When you launched a new program you had so much interest you actually crashed your site (happened to me!)


About Me

Hey! I’m Rachel, and girl….you are in the RIGHT place!!

I started my business 4 years ago with ZERO social media experience. I have my Master’s in Social Work–not social media. When I couldn’t find a job with my master’s and I ended up pregnant, on food stamps, with negative $400 in my checking account, I decided I needed to learn how to start my own biz and truly leverage the power of social media.

I went from earning $20,000 one year, to $80,000 the following year, to over $100,000 the next year, all because of my online presence.

I went from having ZERO traffic to my blog (except my mom lol) to over 34,000 visitors every single month. I went from no one seeing my content to launching a little $9 ebook that made $1,000 the day it launched and crashed my site! Crazy, huh?

What Will You Learn?

Module 1: Intro to Pinterest

  • Clarify your goals
  • Set up your profile/bio
  • Google analytics

Module 2: Your Ideal Client

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What are they searching for?
  • How to use Pinterest to serve target audience

Module 3: Content

  • How to create content that your audience needs
  • Creating the type of content that works best on Pinterest
  • How to repurpose content

Module 4: Setting up Boards

  • Cleaning up your boards
  • Creating boards
  • How to name your boards and board descriptions

Module 5: Pinning Strategies

  • How to create pin captions and hashtags using the right keywords
  • Musts for getting things repinned
  • How to generate more site traffic

Module 6: List Building

  • Why have a list?
  • Reverse engineer your strategy
  • Deciding the right kind of freemium

Check out these testimonials!

You’ll be our next success story!

"You seriously ignited something in me. I'm NOT creative but if I have some nudging and a little guidance with ideas I can run with it and make it my own. The way you were able to break it down in bite sized pieces and explain the flow to generate more business for me was EXACTLY what I needed! This is totally your gift and I'm so thankful for your help."

Natalie Tuman


“Where do I begin?! Rachel has LEGIT taught me SO much that has massively changed my business for the better immediately after implementing (which is key!) what she teaches.  She understands the struggles of an entrepreneur and knows what we actually need help with specifically and explains how to solve problems in laments terms for non-tech savvy people like me. She is extremely patient and kind and truly cares about helping people figure things out and gets just as excited as you when something clicks.  My email list has grown exponentially since implementing what Rachel has shared with me as well as my blog and Pinterest traffic.  Her knowledge is endless, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather have helped me with my social media than her!”

Megan Yelaney Bayen


"Every time I work with Rachel I come away with a clean cut, clear action plan to move forward with. She is creative, forward thinking, and is able to see the big picture but also the small steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal. Rachel asks the right questions to get into the head of your end user so that your marketing strategy speaks straight to your potential client. She is also positive, encouraging and helps you to come up with the critical answers yourself so that you truly understand the process and path to success."

Aly Bloom