Here are some love letters (aka reviews) of our students =)

““You’re signing up for another course?” This is what my husband asked when I told him I was interested in the Impact Blogging Academy and wanted to make the investment for a 12 week journey. But I showed him the results from “Pin with Purpose” and he agreed (although still a bit skeptical).

I signed up for IBA VIP as soon as it was open and then took everything I learned from Blog 2 Bank and started implementing it right away. I purchased the IBA course on the payment plan because I knew what I needed and started pulling the resources to make it work. “#MessyAction” I kept telling myself.

I talked about what I was planning to do with some friends, former coworkers, and my mentor AND just one day into IBA I already pre-sold 10 courses! I believe it happened because I finally listened and niched down.

I’ve completed two Modules of IBA so far and it has totally revolutionized my mindset, my drive, and confidence. I truly believe that once you find your right fit in a coach or mentor you have to take a chance on it. Rachel Henderson Ngom speaks my language. She wants to make an impact and she uses her gifts to inspire others. And she is generous with her time!

I am the type of person that needs practical applications and checklists. Rachel provides these! She provides worksheet after worksheet and I am excited to sit down with my coffee and work on them when I can. I work full time and have a family so free time is hard to come by BUT I am making this a priority.

I am so excited to see what is in store over the next twelve weeks and I know we will CELEBRATE when I meet Rachel in person in Chicago in January. IBA also provides a great community of other people who are doing each step of the journey with you. We are already sharing what we’re working on, getting feedback, and improving.

I definitely have put myself out there with joining IBA but the payoff is proving to be great. I just had to trust in myself to invest in myself. Thank you Rachel Henderson Ngom for this wonderful opportunity!” Kim

I am the first to admit I DO NOT spend money like this. I am a weighed and measured kinda gal- so I get it.

Something about Rachel resonated with me in her webinar- so I took the pin with purpose class- it was amazing.

So so much value in that class AND the thing I needed- STEP BY STEP how to.

One of Rachel’s gifts is being able to break down marketing ideas into steps that are more understandable and more easily followed.

I started Monday and have already grown in my confidence and am clarity for who I am serving. 

My ideas have been clear- but they are even clearer now!

The people in the group are “like me” because that’s who Rachel attracts- people that want to help people. So we are commenting on each other’s things and learning from each other as well.

If you have a purpose-filled vision and want to collaborate with a generous teacher and other women to get your message OUT to people this class just makes sense!

And frankly the proof of her system working is the funnel she used that lead us to a class….

Think about that. 

You Either started with a seminar or a 5 day challenge and saw something that you need and resonated. 

In a few days at least 23 (and I think more now) have signed up…… if you are sharing your message with 

3k people in a 5 day challenge and then banking 23,000 + in a week for a class…. skip it.

If you don’t want to work hard and think- skip it.

I’m pretty well read on the marketing stuff. But I feel lost to put it together. 

Rachel Henderson Ngom has been generous with her comments and her time. I believe this is just who she is.

If you clicked with Her and her message- do it. I don’t think you will regret it.

I’m only on the second module and I know I am already thankful I spent the money on myself.” Amy

I have invested in my business for the past 3 years. I have only made 1%. Of what I have invested. When my husband saw this program and all Rachel has helped me overcome and get clear on in her previous courses he knew this was exactly what I needed to bring everything together that I have been learning and told me it was a no-brainer. My husband works full time and is an electrician in the oil fields. He is a disable veteran and he needs back surgery again. Because of IBA and seeing what Rachel is doing for us….he started seeing how our dream is actually going to become reality. He’s never been this fully vested before. It takes time to build but if you have the right people in your corner and the right support you’ll do amazing!!! Rachel always says “take messy action”!!! Best advice ever!!! I wish you well and many blessings on your journey  ” Dena Adams

Here, in She’s Making an Impact, I have learned more in two days than I have in months! Thank you so much, Rachel, for giving me confidence and clarity! Now I can help other writers unlock the mysteries and live their best writing life!”

Friends!!! If you have a blog you need this!!! I’ve been doing Rachel Henderson Ngom s group Pin with Purpose program the past few months and it has completely transformed my online business. I started with one of her free challenges and I promise it will be completely worth the time and energy!!!!!” Kelly 

“If you’re able, do it! There is tremendous value in the course ALREADY and I’m one module in. Super duper grateful for the opportunity to be in IBA!” Katie

I created a new Pinterest account on august 11th and I’m already at over 5k views and am getting lots of repins from my blog and repinning many times a day already! Finally see my dreams coming true and can see the light!! I did pin with purpose. Excited about this blog class can see things getting real big!’” Kenia

LOVE Pin with Purpose, the results I got blew my mind. No joke.” Katherine

This and Pin with Purpose- Pinterest has revolutionized everything for me – I finally see the dream becoming a reality!” Kim

“Since going through Pin with Purpose, my monthly viewers went from like 3 viewers to 8.7k because of Pin with Purpose! And it doubles weekly!” Erin

Pin with Purpose has got my monthly viewers from a measly 18 to a whopping 6.9K & has increased my web store traffic to 50% coming from Pinterest  :)” Chelsey

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the tremendous value you are giving in the #blog2bank challenge. I sit in on the lives and listen until the very end. Not only have you given me a lot of actionable strategy but the questions you are answering after going over the homework are so valuable. I feel like you could charge for some of the questions you’re answering but I know you genuinely just want to be transparent and pay it forward. I admire that so much and will be a follower and customer for a long time to come. Thank you and please keep doing what you do!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️” Katie

Day 5 & the final day of the blogging challenge with @shesmakinganimpact 

Guys, let me be honest with you …. I’ve submitted for SO many online challenges & get the emails to start & then move on to something else … my attention span with those things is kinda like a squirrel 🐿

I’ve been wanting to make some big changes for a while now & have finally gained clarity in what it needs to be … this challenge helped me to get rid of my squirrelly ways & get focused to move in the direction I’ve been wanting to move into for a long time. 

The blog is coming off of the back burner & will be on fire 🔥 this business truly is my passion & I can’t wait to share more of it with you ❤️ stay tuned 

Thank you, #shesmakinganimpact for an impactful, resourceful, & inspiring week. Can’t wait to keep learning from you ❤️” Amanda

@shesmakinganimpact thank you because although I may have heard some of what you have taught it finally makes sense! “Reverse engineering” that you have talked about has given me a whole new perspective on business and I couldn’t be more grateful! You are simply brilliant.

.Even when you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t. Another key takeaway from all this is “No one can teach it like you can”. Rachel, you are a prime example of that with #shesmakinganimpact thanks again and I look forward to Day 5.” Alex

You rock. I can truly sense your compassion and I feel your commitment. And you are making your family’s dreams come true by using your compassion and commitment to help others. Yes, you are making money off your courses, but you truly deliver much more than the cost of any program.

May God continue to bless you and your family. You have certainly blessed me and, judging from all the comments, scores of others as well.” Susie

Thank you Rachel Henderson Ngom! I have “sat on the pen” for too long … You have helped me get the motivation and confidence to actually get a real-start! Thank you!  ❤️ ~~” Deb

I just wanted to do a review and shout out to Rachel. I have learned so much over these 5 days. I have so much going on in my mind of all the info that I got over these last 5 days. This has helped me so much so I thank you thank you thank you for all the info. Cant wait to get these ideas out. I’m excited and nervous.” Stacy

Rachel is so incredibly talented and shares so much value with her group. She is officially a Pinterest, blogging, content master, definitely listen to what she says and implement, the results will be amazing.” Helen

Just finished the 5 Day Blogging challenge and it’s amazing! I’ve also been following Rachel with her Pinning tips. Learning so very much and how to grow my biz in more ways than just the wasting time I’ve been doing for years now!! Thanks Rachel!!!!” Gigi

Absolutely love Rachel Ngom. Her knowledge of Pinterest is amazing and her program transformed my Pinterest account. She is so fun too. A must for any entrepreneur!!!” Mary

The course I signed up for the change everything for me is called “Pin With Purpose”. After taking the course I went from averaging two visitors a day on Pinterest to over 100 visitors to my website and over 3 million monthly viewers.

I completed Rachel’s course in three days, Which normally takes a month to complete at least. I was aggressive because I was hungry.

Prior to joining the course I had 1900 followers on Pinterest and was averaging 1.8 million viewers a month.

After 30 days of implementing What I had learned in the course, I am averaging over 3 million monthly viewers.

I’ve also hit a peek day where I reach over 600,000 people and had over 200+ repins from people saving my pins all in one day. 

Within 35 days after completing the course and my 1 on 1 sessions with Rachel, I sold two 24×36 in large art prints and 7 t-shirts with my artwork from my Teepublic t-shirt store.” Kenal


I recently learned of Rachel Ngom when I was seeking recommendations for courses on Pinterest marketing. I checked out her website and course and liked what I saw. Then I started listening to her podcast and felt an instant connection with her. She’s very down to earth and she is living a location independent lifestyle which I aspire to. I am looking forward to learning more from Rachel in the coming weeks and months!  😊” Jill