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Episode 071:

On today’s episode, I’m interviewing Sashka Hanna-Rappl. We talk about how to create a brand that is unforgettable. Her methods help entrepreneurs create and market an unforgettable brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur rather than the profession.


  • Sashka says that to make a big difference, your brand has to come from your life purpose. If your life purpose, your ultimate goal, is the base of your brand, you will never have to recreate yourself- this way you’re expanding on your starting mark.
  • If you focus only on your products, you are downplaying your brand. Your ego gets in the way of this. You have to learn to focus on other solutions to bring yourself to the forefront.
  • You need to get your people. You don’t want to be someone else, you need to attract your tribe of people you want to work with. From a young age, Sashka talks about how we’re taught to copy. But you want to be yourself. You need to learn to be yourself, whatever that means.
  • If you want to go further with a brand, Sashka says you will always be in an uncomfortable zone. However, if you focus on your life purpose of your brand, your ego will be driving you, in the best way possible.
  • “When you speak to everybody, your speaking to nobody”- SO KEY! You need to have a niche. You need to draw in an audience that is unique to you, your brand, and peoples thought patterns.
  • The dark side of entrepreneurship is overachieving. You need to have boundaries for yourself, and reach out to a community and talk to them, not keep everything inside to yourself. You need to get out those thoughts holding you back.
  • Sashka says you need to trust yourself. You have power within you to really create the life you want. Trust that you can do it, all that power is within you.


  • (3:30) A little more about Sashka.
  • (4:38) What is “Soul Branding”
  • (6:35) How is the mainstream killing our brands, and how can we fix that?
  • (8:43) If you’ve been trapped inside the box, what are Sashka’s tips to get outside the box?
  • (11:07) Tips on being YOU.
  • (13:10) How to find your alter ego…the person who accentuates who you are.
  • (15:22) How to achieve brand clarity.
  • (18:57) When you’re creating a brand, what are the first steps you should take?
  • (21:02) Why is a logo something business should hold off on?
  • (25:07) Sashka talks about niching down…why it’s the key to success for entrepreneurs.
  • (30:37) The dark side of entrepreneurship, and how to combat it.
  • (33:01) Tips to help with setting boundaries and not overworking yourself.
  • (36:50) Why you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to start…just do it!
  • (38:03) What’s the best book Sashka’s ever read?
  • (38:48) What does it mean for Sashka to make an impact?
  • (39:58) What’s next for Sashka?
  • (40:59) Where can you connect with her?
  • (41:23) The power of trusting yourself.


“Get rid of the box”

“You’ve gotta go within yourself…You’ve gotta do stuff that you love”

“Who says you can’t be yourself?”

“Your Life Purpose is independent of your profession, your talents, and your gifts”

“Your brand is expanding on your starting point”

“A good logo is a stamp of who you are”

“When you speak to everybody, your speaking to nobody”

“The little tiny habbits that nobody sees is what will add up over time”

“The more you talk, you’ll get it out. Marie Kondo your body and mind”

“Take massive messy action”

“Done is better than perfect!”


Website: brandsashka.com

Instagram: @brandsashka

Twitter: @brandbysashka

Sashka’s Program to expand thinking: The Hunger Games and The Brand Formula

Watch Full Interview:

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